A Cloud Accounting Software & ERP Solution for Nonprofits

Cloud Accounting SoftwareNetSuite ERP has been a major player in the cloud-based market, serving up its integrated accounting and CRM software and solutions. Now, nonprofit organizations can fully leverage the power of the cloud without compromising the features needed to satisfy fund accounting and reporting needs with SerraFund Nonprofit Accounting for NetSuite.

A SerraFund Success Stories

UNC Medical Foundation SerraFund Client

The Medical Foundation of North Carolina, Inc.

The Medical Foundation of North Carolina, Inc. recently chose NetSuite and the SerraFund Nonprofit Accounting Solution to improve their reporting, tracking, and manual processes. The foundation was able to enhance their internal controls, simplify auditing and reduce time spend on check runs.

“Going from where we were to Netsuite was like going from an Abacus to an adding machine. It’s a much better tool for what we’re doing compared to what we had and we haven’t even begin to scratch the surface of what we’ll ultimately be able to do.”
– Jon Lancaster, Director of Finance and Controller for the Medical Foundation of North Carolina

View the full success story to learn more about The Medical Foundation of North Carolina’s success with SerraFund Fund Accounting and Netsuite solution.

Metagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program (MEHOP)

MEHOP recently made the switch to SerraFund Nonprofit Accounting Solution. Their older software was unable to handle fund tracking and reporting requirements as they gained a variety of fund sources.

After implementing SerraFund, MEHOP is now able to: easily produce grant year financials with cross fiscal year reporting, deliver KPIs to management with custom dashboards, provide accurate expense oversight to managers, and automate business processes.

“SerraFund has helped us tremendously in the area of allocations. I can allocate by square footage, FTE, and other methods based on the grant specifications.”
– Eve Chen, Chief Financial Officer of Metagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program

View the full success story to learn more about Metagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program’s success with SerraFund Fund Accounting and Netsuite solution.

What is SerraFund Nonprofit Accounting for NetSuite?

SerraFund is a “Built for NetSuite” verified application that contains nonprofit specific functionality embedded within the NetSuite Cloud ERP solution. SerraFund provides out of the box functionality for nonprofits including: fund accounting, grant management, budget management, allocation management, and nonprofit reporting.

SerraFund offers functionality that simplifies the base NetSuite System, which would require significant customizations and longer, more expensive implementations. With the SerraFund bundle of functionality in place, nonprofit implementations are now predictable and affordable.

Additionally NetSuite offers 501(C3)s the opportunity to receive their software at no charge year to year for the mid-market edition and 5 main users under a nonprofit granting program.

Manage all of your organization’s needs, from ERP to CRM, in a single integrated application.

SerraFund Offers a Flexible Design

No two nonprofits are the same – which is why SerraFund Accounting for NetSuite is such a powerful tool for your nonprofit organization. Built on the cloud platform, NetSuite Fund Accounting is a highly configurable financial system that will address a nonprofit organization’s needs while offering the economic advantages represented by a cloud application. Additional features of this cloud-based solution include:

  • Multi-Segmented Chart of Accounts
  • Balance Setting
  • Direct Distribution Tables (Allocations)
  • FAST Entry
  • True Nonprofit Reporting
  • Budget Controls & Allocations*
  • Budget Building*
  • Budget Approval Processing*

*Slated for 2017 Release

Demo SerraFund Nonprofit Accounting Software for NetSuite

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