DrillPoint Reports - Abila LogoWith an easy-to-use interface, DrillPoint Reports offers you the scalability to create simple or complex financial reports, all integrated with your Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ software. Move beyond simple reporting and begin managing your organization based on metrics and outcomes measurements.

DrillPoint Reports allows you to easily access your financial data within Microsoft Excel® and create presentation-quality financial statements using a familiar, user-friendly spreadsheet application. Creating any number of pre-formatted financial statement templates, DrillPoint Reports enables you to produce custom, high-quality financial statements for delivery to your board and external advisors.

In addition, DrillPoint Reports allows you to manipulate your data, add formulas, graphs and other more advanced Excel features to maximize the value of the information you’re presenting to others.

DrillPoint Reports Success Story

Birthright Israel FoundationDavid Shapiro, CFO for Birthright Israel Foundation, needed to find rethink how they reported their data after their growth spurt. With each regional office having their own budget and set of departments, Shapiro needed to find a solution that was simple and easy for department heads to understand.

“DrillPoint gives me a lot of latitude to feed information to the department heads in a way that makes it easier for them,” says Shaprio. “I found DrillPoint to be very, very helpful in solving my needs. It has been a very successful rollout.”

Learn more about David Shaprio’s success with DrillPoint Reports by reading the Birthright Israel case study .

What Can You Do with DrillPoint Reports?

  • Integrate Microsoft Excel® directly with Abila Fund Accounting™ in real-time.
  • Leverage Microsoft Excel® functionality to manipulate your data, conduct what-if analysis and add formulas and graphs to your reports for better report presentation.
  • Drill down directly from Microsoft Excel® to specific transactions and source documents for more detailed information, saving you the extra step of having to go back to Abila Fund Accounting™ for the same information.
  • Create custom financial statements using pre-formatted templates that enable you to include borders, graphics, your organization’s logo and other personal touches to distinguish your financials, making them easier to understand and act on.
  • Create statistical or outcomes measurement reporting by utilizing user-defined fields in your reports.
  • Group account segments into a linear style account report.

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Product Info & Demos Training

We offer different learning opportunities that allows you to select the method that best suits your needs. Each option ensures the creation of a solid foundation of knowledge from which to draw on when using DrillPoint Reports.

Fast Track – Concepts + Your Database
This online course combines both concept training and training on your database delivering up to 4 hours of content. The instructor will begin the session using the sample database and will cover the key areas for designing and building a DrillPoint Report. Once base concepts are reviewed, the instructor will switch over to your system and work on your database for the remaining time (approx. 1 hour) providing you with a jump start on defining reports specific to your organization’s needs. Customer must have DrillPoint Reports Software installed in advance of this class.

Custom Report Writing
No time to get up to speed by writing your own reports? Our team is standing by to move you out of the starting gate.

For pricing or to purchase, please contact Stacy Fussner at sfussner@capitalbusiness.net or call (888) 249-6008 x109.

Contact Abila Support

DrillPoint Reports customers needing assistance with their software, should contact Abila™ Support at 800-647-3863.


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Birthright Israel Foundation

Birthright Israel Foundation

In the last 6 years, Birthright Israel Foundation has expanded their donors and met their planned growth goals – allowing them to open new regional fundraising offices and grow from 3 departments to 20.

Needing to ensure that there was adequate reporting and access to real-time data, Birthright Israel Foundation CFO David Shapiro decided to invest in DrillPoint Reports to help augment their Abila MIP Fund Accounting software.

“DrillPoint gives me a lot of latitude to feed information to the department heads in a way that makes it easier for them,” said Shapiro. “It’s been a very successful roll out. I found DrillPoint to be very, very helpful in solving my needs. I would highly recommend it.”

Learn more about Birthright Israel’s experience with DrillPoint Reports by downloading their case study below.

Birthright Israel Case Study