Financial Edge NXT

As a trusted provider of cutting-edge Financial Edge training for nonprofits, Capital Business Solutions is dedicated to transforming the way organizations approach their financial operations. 

Through our strategic partnership with Financial Edge Blackbaud NXT, we bring you a suite of services designed to optimize your nonprofit organization’s financial processes, enhance reporting and analytics, ensure compliance, and empower your nonprofit for sustained success. 
From Financial Edge software training to nonprofit consulting services, our nonprofit accounting professionals have all the tools you need to successfully manage your nonprofit finances.

Enroll your nonprofit team today in Blackbaud Financial Edge training offered by Capital Business Solutions to maximize your donor management and fundraising capabilities related to your nonprofit accounting.

Benefits of Working with Capital Business Solutions

Training for Financial Edge NXT

Financial Edge training services, provided by Capital Business Solutions, are designed to equip individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills required to effectively use and leverage the Financial Edge NXT software for optimal financial management. Financial Edge NXT is a comprehensive financial management software solution often used by organizations to handle accounting, budgeting, reporting, and other critical financial processes.

Our nonprofit consulting and training program is tailored to meet the specific needs of clients who have adopted Financial Edge NXT as their financial management platform. The primary goal of this Financial Edge training is to ensure that users are proficient in using the software’s features and functionalities to enhance their daily financial operations and decision-making processes.

User Onboarding

During Financial Edge software training, new users are introduced to the software’s interface, navigation, and basic functionalities. This includes understanding menus, data entry, and how to access various modules.

Software Features

Participants who enroll in our nonprofit consulting and training for Financial Edge NXT learn about the diverse features offered by the nonprofit accounting software, such as creating and managing accounts, processing transactions, generating financial reports, and budget tracking.

Customized Training

Our Blackbaud Financial Edge training is done on your database. CBS consultants tailor each training to match the content to your organization’s use cases. Our consultants will also address supporting business processes, maximizing the efficiencies and automation that will be received from your investment in Financial Edge NXT

Data Management

Participants in Financial Edge training gain insights into importing, exporting, and managing financial data within the software. This includes best practices for data integrity and accuracy.

Reporting and Analysis

Blackbaud Financial Edge training helps users understand how to generate standard financial reports, create custom reports, and use data visualization tools for insightful analysis.

Workflow Optimization

Nonprofit teams are taught how to streamline workflows using the software, automate repetitive tasks, and reduce manual efforts throughout the Financial Edge software training process.


Participants who enroll in Financial Edge training with Capital Business Solutions learn how to identify and resolve common issues that may arise during nonprofit accounting software usage.

Advanced Techniques

Depending on the training level, more advanced techniques can be covered throughout your team’s Blackbaud Financial Edge training sessions, such as complex reporting, integration with other systems, and compliance-related tasks.
If you are looking for innovative nonprofit accounting software solutions for your organization, contact us today to sign up for our comprehensive nonprofit consulting services and Financial Edge training offered by Capital Business Solutions.

Productivity Apps to Support Financial Edge NXT Software

In the fast-paced world of nonprofit organizations, the right tools can make a world of difference. Productivity apps are designed to enhance the efficiency, collaboration, and impact of nonprofits by seamlessly integrating with their existing software systems. They are a great addition to your Financial Edge training.

Power Cloud App

Introducing Power Cloud for Financial Edge NXT, an innovative cloud-based platform that seamlessly combines the power of Financial Edge NXT with the versatility of Microsoft Excel

This integration elevates your nonprofit accounting reporting possibilities without adding to your workload or introducing unnecessary complexities. Designed with a user-friendly Excel interface, Power Cloud Reporting brings the familiar feel of Financial Edge NXT while unlocking advanced and comprehensive reporting functionalities. 

This productivity app integration empowers users to gain deeper insights into your nonprofit organization’s financial landscape, produce enhanced reports for your team and board members, and effectively oversee budgets and forecasts with real-time data at your fingertips.

Power Cloud Reporting

Benefits of Capital Business Solutions’ Power Cloud training for Financial Edge NXT include the learning outcomes:

  • Utilize Drill Around functionality for detailed insights into transaction details, accounts, projects, budget scenarios, and related invoices.
  • Access statistical reporting for enhanced data analysis.
  • Seamlessly consolidate multiple Financial Edge databases for a unified view.
  • Enjoy customized layouts featuring Charts, Graphs, and Excel Formulas that match your preferences.
  • Implement included security features to control user access, ensuring specific reports, layouts, segments, or projects are restricted as needed.
  • Generate income statements individually for funds, departments, and projects on separate Excel sheets.
  • Easily conduct Budget vs. Actual reporting for comprehensive financial analysis.

To enroll your nonprofit organization in nonprofit software training with Power Cloud productivity app support, contact our experienced Blackbaud training professionals today.

Altru Connect App

Altru Connect is a game-changing integrated nonprofit accounting solution that directly addresses common frustrations and challenges related to nonprofit financial management. 
By utilizing the Altru Connect productivity app, nonprofit transactions seamlessly post directly into Financial Edge NXT software. This transformative process minimizes and streamlines data entry efforts, eradicating the need for hours of dedicated time. Instead, you can post transactions at your preferred intervals, swiftly access necessary data, and promptly detect issues as they arise, saving you from encountering them weeks down the line.

Altru Connect App and Excel usage

When you sign up for Altru Connect productivity app training with Capital Business Solutions, you and your nonprofit accounting team will benefit. These advantages include:  

  • Streamlining the data input process in Financial Edge NXT by linking Altru Fields to Financial Edge NXT Account Segments, Projects, Grants, and other categories.
  • Every Altru transaction comes with a date and a link, facilitating quick and convenient transaction research.
  • Trim Excel usage time and seamlessly migrate data from Altru to your ledger.
  • Effortlessly explore your Total Revenue Report for easy insights.
  • Generate open transactions within Financial Edge NXT with ease.

Enroll Your Nonprofit in Financial Edge Software Training Today

training for Power Cloud

Unlock the full potential of Financial Edge NXT and empower your nonprofit to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. Our comprehensive nonprofit accounting training program for Financial Edge, as well as the productivity apps training for Power Cloud and Altru Connect, is designed to equip your team with the skills and knowledge needed to make the most of this powerful software. 

From streamlined data entry to insightful reporting, our Blackbaud Financial Edge training and nonprofit consulting services will transform how you manage your finances, ensure compliance, and help your organization make informed decisions.

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