Funding is imperative to a nonprofits success. In order to secure funding, one must understand and be able to implement successful grant management.

Grant management is more than just getting funding. Grant management starts before the grant writing even begins and continues into the analyzing and reporting of the funds to the organization who provided the donation. Keeping the process smooth and effective is critical to securing continued funding.

Successful Grant Management Tips

To ensure successful grant management, here are some tips to help you and your nonprofit easily stay organized and increase grant funding.

Use a Calendar – Use a calendar to track important dates for you and your organization. Whether it’s through grant management software or a calendar that sits on your desk, setting reminders will prevent deadlines from being missed, allowing you stay organized and efficient.

Review Expenses – Track your expenses and check to them against your budget. Also be sure to track expenses for each department. If you need to change how the funds are allocated, check with the funding source first.

Evaluate Reports – Reports need to be complete and accurate. By reviewing them on a consistent basis, you’ll be able to notice errors and either correct them or make notes about them before sending to the funding source.

Communicate – Stay in contact with your funding organizations to let them know their on your radar. Try to send them a note or email once a quarter or so just to let them know what your nonprofit has been able to accomplish and that they are a part of your success.

Learn More About Grant Management Software

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