Breaking into fund accounting or nonprofit accounting is not easy. It seems like it would be similar to traditional accounting, but its very different. So different in fact, that companies build software just for nonprofit accounting.

So to help you learn the fund accounting ropes, we’ve put together a beginners guide. Check out the articles, videos, and infographics (and bookmark them) as you navigate this exciting new journey!

nonprofit accounting resources

Beginners Guide to Nonprofit Accounting

Capital Business Resources

Top Skills and Characteristics of Nonprofit Accountants

5 Good Accounting Practices for Nonprofits

3 Nonprofit Trends to Watch in 2018

How Does Accounting Work in Nonprofit Organizations

Biggest Accounting Issues + How to Solve

133 Nonprofit Accounting Terms You Need to Know

Challenges in Finance and Accounting for Nonprofits

Understanding the Millennial Donor – Infographic

How to Attract High Wealth Donor Loyalty – Infographic

Additional Resources’s Resource Library

Abila’s YouTube Channel

Blackbaud’s Blog

Blackbaud’s YouTube Channel

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