Social networking sites have changed the way non-profit organizations advertise and raise awareness for their fundraisers and events. It’s becoming necessary for organizations to take advantage of these sites in order to get in front of their target audience.


Grow your non-profits fundraising efforts with these social media tips:

  1. Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn: Signing up for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+, and LinkedIn is FREE – and a great way to create and increase awareness for your organization. Be sure to enter as much information about your mission and objective as possible, adding appropriate images for both your profile and cover photo. Promote your accounts by sharing them with friends, family, and volunteers. Don’t forget to link them on your website!
  2. Post, Share, Promote, Repeat: Once you’ve created your social media accounts, start posting, tweeting, pinning, and sharing! Post updates about what your organization is up to or share tips to help others out. Social media is all about being useful and informative – so give your fans a reason to follow you.
  3. Create Conversation: Social media is the perfect setting for two-way conversations, letting you share, re-tweet, and re-pin other non-profits’ updates and images. Not only can you create and sustain a conversation with other organizations, but with your followers by asking questions and holding socially-ran promotions.
  4. Use Hashtags: Hashtags are more popular than ever, and are now used on almost every social platform. Take advantage of the hashtag benefits by using them on posts, images and videos. It will easily categorize your update, letting others find and share, like or re-tweet. You can also join Twitter chats, scheduled Twitter conversations that use a unique hashtag to talk about key issues.
  5. Share Images & Videos: Image and video updates are 2x and 12x, respectively, more likely to be liked and shared than link and text status updates, making them great content for non-profit organizations to share on their social channels. Post photos of your volunteers at an event, your booth at a conference or trade show, or even another organizations’ photo. Try to tag the people in the photos to maximize their reach and include a hashtag for easy reference!

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