Accounting software is a key part of keeping businesses organized and painting a clear picture of financial status. The right tools facilitate quick and effective decision-making and simplify data entry. Is your software solution providing you with all of the benefits you need to perform?


How you know it’s time to upgrade your software:

  1. You are duplicating data into separate reports. When you find a new donor, input a new expense, or add a new employee to your system; are you inputting the data in multiple places? Not only do the excessive entries waste time – they also leave room for error. It is easy to skip inputting information in one of your platforms, and there is an increased chance of misspelling or making some sort of mistake.
  2. You cannot make a quick decision by looking at your reports. Your reports should show a clear picture of your data, in a way that’s simple to interpret visually. Displaying data in a way that makes sense leads to efficient decision-making.
  3. You are relying on too many separate paid tools. If you are paying for multiple software solutions, you could be overspending and creating an inconvenient situation. One product alone should be able to integrate payroll, donor management, time tracking, etc. Each individual resource contributes to an organization’s overall financial position, and they should each be analyzed in a single platform.
  4. You are having difficulty customizing reports. Reports should be easily customized for a range of departments. For example, the marketing team of a nonprofit organization may want to see which channels are acquiring the most donors. On the other hand, the financial department could be more interested in finding trends to forecast.
  5. You have to reformat your software’s reports to achieve the right look. Whether you are presenting to the board or meeting with your manager, you need reports to look professional and be presentation-ready. A simple query should be able to generate a professional report with a couple of clicks.

Capital Business Solutions offers several software options to help analyze decision making data. MIP Fund Accounting helps nonprofit organizations manage budgets, maximize grants, and produce customized reports. To learn more, contact Bob Schilling at 888.366.7527 x26 or or fill out our online form.