Fundraising can be challenging… especially if you don’t know who your donors are, their preferences, or how to engage with them.

It’s critical to keep up with the latest trends and statistics to ensure your fundraising and marketing campaigns are on the right path. Below we highlight some of the most important fundraising, donor, and marketing statistics nonprofit professionals need to know.

Donor Stats You Need to Know

Donor Stats You Need to Know Now!

1. Volunteers are 2x time more likely to donate than non-volunteers

2. Email accounts for 1/3 of your online fundraising revenue

3. November and December are the most popular months to ask for year-end support

4. Women make over half (64%) of all donations

5. Gen X donates more frequently than any other generation

6. 2/3 of donors do not do any research before giving

7. Nonprofits raise $612 for every 100 website visitors

8. 1/3 of online donations comes from peer-to-peer fundraising

9. Fastest growing social networks: Pinterest and Instagram

10. 51% of website traffic comes from mobile devices

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