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Your Finance and Development Teams are both on your organization’s financial front lines, but each department’s role is often a mystery to the other.  You’ll drive greater mission impact with both critical teams working together as true strategic partners. What steps do you need to take to grow their cooperation and mutual value?

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This free Industry publication provides insight from 12 nonprofit finance leaders. These experts demystify the finance office’s priorities and offer specific ideas to improve collaboration with development. Get step-by-step guidance on organizational strategy, cybersecurity, sustainer programs, and more to learn how you can partner across your organization and reshape your overall funding strategies.

“…If you want to be truly accountable, truly transparent, be ahead of where regulations and best practices are going”

From Chapter 5: Donor Statements by Jeff and Pamela Gignac, JMG Solutions

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*Capital Business Solutions has been providing accounting and fundraising solutions for nonprofit and governmental organizations for over 20 years. This Guide is meant to provide end users with points of consideration, allowing them to choose a software platform that best fits their organization’s needs.