Overview of Altru Connect Performing Arts Management Software

Blackbaud Altru is admission based nonprofit software that makes it easy to consolidate fundraising projects, membership details, and marketing all in one spot. However, your bookkeeping is still an exhaustive process of data entry and bouncing between various software platforms to maintain and manage your organization’s finances. Fortunately, with Altru Connect for Performing Arts, you can streamline your financial management by integrating your accounting software with your performing arts management software.

How Does Altru Connect for Performing Arts Work?

Altru Connect for Performing Arts acts as the bridge between Altru Connect, your admission-based nonprofit software, and Financial Edge NXT™, your accounting software. Rather than having to manually enter data from Altru, such as ticket sales for a performance or admissions to a museum, you can minimize your manual data entry while getting the information you need when you need it.

So, how does it work?

When you use Altru Connect to integrate Altru with Financial Edge NXT™, you can designate transactions in Altru to post automatically into your accounting software. As soon as a purchase for admission goes through, it loads almost instantly into your set location. There’s minimal maintenance, and if there’s a transaction that goes through without a designation for posting, you’ll receive an alert.

Why Choose Altru Connect Performing Arts Management Software?

  • Save hours of time and minimize your data entry by mapping your Altru fields in your Financial Edge NXT accounting software;
  • Easily locate transactions and information with integrated dates, links, and transaction details;
  • Transfer ticket and admission sales into your general ledger seamlessly;
  • Segment your admissions and ticket sales from other revenue to determine opportunities.
  • Easily navigate your Total Revenue Report
  • Create open transactions in Financial Edge NXT™
Altru Connect software
Altru Connect

Customized Training and Support

At Capital Business Solutions, we go beyond connecting you with performing arts management software, we provide in-depth, personalized training for you and your team. This ensures you are comfortable using it as well as leveraging all the features to get the best results. In addition to implementation and training, we’re available to provide support and questions as needed.

Altru Connect Success Story

Altru ConnectSamantha Christen of the Portland Museum of Art uses Altru Connect as her preferred admission-based nonprofit software to save time, post more frequently, and get the data she needs. With transactions and revenue coming from a variety of sources, the Total Revenue Report in Altru Connect makes it much simpler to look specifically at ticket sales, gift shop sales, grants, fundraising activities, and more, allowing her to save time while improving accuracy! 

“Data Entry – it takes all of that out and because we don’t have to do all the data entry, we can do it more frequently. We’re getting all that financial data into Financial Edge weekly… Because of that timeliness, it helps us figure problems out when they happen, rather than a few weeks later.

Saving time with data entry, saving time with problem solving are the two biggest, but it is also the consistency because everything looks the same and goes to the same places and takes off the manual work.” 

Learn More About Admission-Based Nonprofit Software – Altru Connect 

We design software for arts organizations that integrate into your other programs so you can save time and focus on what really matters! Contact a member of our team to learn more about how Altru Connect can improve financial operations at your organization by calling us today at  (919) 342-5083  or fill out the form below.

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Capital Business Solutions (CBS) is an Authorized Blackbaud Channel Partner based in Raleigh, NC and 2017, 2018 and 2019 Blackbaud FinTech Partner of the Year. The team specializes in financial management technology solutions for nonprofits.  Capital Business Solutions sales, consulting and software development teams have worked with the Blackbaud suite of accounting and fundraising products for over 20 years.

CBS developed Altru Connect with feedback from Blackbaud’s Arts and Cultural product team.

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