why-ask-for-support-not-donationsAsking for end of the year donations can be intimidating for nonprofit organizations. How do you ask donors for money without sounding too pushy, or like they are just a source of money?

Asking for “support” from donors rather than donations can make people feel like more valuable, and shows that you care about the overall cause, not just about money.

Here are some tips for asking donors for support, rather than donations.

  • Get your donors and potential donors legitimately interested in your cause. More importantly, convince them that they already care for the cause. People are more willing to donate to a cause that they feel really matters. They will also be more likely to support a cause they care about, rather than just feel like they are donating money.
  • Asking for support instead of donations implies that you really are after support and not just cash. Some people feel more comfortable donating their time by volunteering, or tangible objects to support your cause to use in events like silent auctions. Letting donors know that any type of support is greatly appreciated increases your chances for repeat support, or even a monetary donation down the road in addition to other support.
  • Thank your supporters for any type of help. Personalized and hand written thank you cards show your donors that they aren’t just another source of money, but that you actually recognize their support as an individual. People are more likely to continue supporting your cause if they feel their efforts are appreciated and like they’ve actually made a difference, even if they didn’t donate money.

Nonprofits need various types of support. To keep people from thinking that their money isn’t actually going towards something they don’t know about, or don’t want to support, offer donors various ways of donating to help give your non-profit credibility. Ultimately, this can lead to monetary donations further down the road, and possibly a nonprofit ambassador.

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