Abila-MIP-Fund-Accounting-Logo-300x164Fund accounting software is vital to your organization’s ability to stay organized, efficient and on track. The decision of what specific software to go with should not be taken lightly – as the software should help you automate routine tasks and give you insight into your data, allowing you to use the information to make better, more informed decisions.

MIP Fund Accounting (formerly Sage Fund Accounting 100) is the preferred fund accounting software solution by nonprofit organizations throughout the country.

Why Choose MIP

For over 30 years, MIP Fund Accounting software has been helping nonprofits plan and manage budgets, maximize grants, and create accurate reports. The software specifically addresses nonprofit needs, allowing them to stay organized while working towards their goals.

Specific features include:

  • Ability to streamline tasks with integrated financial management system
  • Create and produce custom budgets and reports for grants, programs, and departments
  • Effective grant management to improve and optimize success tracking
  • Fraud detection functionality

Learn more about MIP Fund Accounting software, and request a free demo, here.

You can also see how real organizations benefit from MIP by reading our case studies:

Enrichment Services Program in Columbus, GA
Midlands Authority for Conventions Sports & Tourism in Columbia, SC
Carolina Family Health Centers in Wilson, NC
United Way of Greater Topeka in Topeka, KS

MIP at Capital Business Solutions

Capital Business Solutions is a recognized leader in software and consulting services for nonprofit organizations. We aim to provide quality software solutions, including MIP, that allow nonprofits to focus on their mission without having to worry about their data. To request a demo and more information about MIP, contact Bob Schilling by calling 877-889-0629, emailing bschilling@capitalbusiness.net, or filling out this form.