cloud-based accounting softwareMost nonprofit organizations face restricted funding – requiring them to keep up with separation of funds and tracking individual balances. Now, nonprofits can save time in cross-fiscal reporting with SerraFund for NetSuite, a cloud-based nonprofit accounting solutions from Capital Business Solutions.

SerraFund is a cloud-based accounting and CRM software application that gives nonprofit organizations the power of the cloud without having to sacrifice the features needed to fulfill accounting and reporting needs. With SerraFund, nonprofits can now manage all financial and accounting needs in one solution.

What are the Benefits of SerraFund?

Nonprofit organizations can expect the following benefits from SerraFund:

  • Increased time and efficiency by spending less time on maintenance of information.
  • Better control for managing multiple accounts and funds.
  • FAST entry to help speed up data entry and eliminate coding errors – eliminating the time spent fixing those same coding errors.
  • Improved donor opportunities and future grants with better reporting capabilities.

Learn More About SerraFund

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