Built for NetSuiteCapital Business Solutions is pleased to announce that our team has recently received the “Built for NetSuite” certification!

We received the certification for our SerraFund Accounting for NetSuite software solution. SerraFund is a cloud-based accounting software and application for nonprofits. The software works with the cloud ERP solutions that NetSuite offers and allows nonprofits to establish tracking and reporting of transactions, distribute transactions to multiple accounts, and speed up the entering of data with Fast Entry technology.

What is “Built for NetSuite”

The “Built for NetSuite” program is designed to help SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partners develop quality SuiteApps. The program provides principles and guidelines to ensure that SuiteApps are in accordance with NetSuite and industry practices.

How to Get “Built for NetSuite” Certified

Built for NetSuite principlesThe “Built for NetSuite” certification is built on the following 3 principles:

  • Education: The Education principle is the development phase of the SuiteApp, requiring developers to go through the “design, develop, test and deploy” model. Developers also need to consider licensing practices, data privacy, and customer agreements.
  • Consultation: The Consultation principle gives more assistance to developers from the NetSuite SDN team.
  • Confirmation: The Confirmation principle requires developers submit a completed questionnaire about their software, provide positive customer references and give a product demonstration.

In order to get “Built for NetSuite” certified, organizations must ensure that their SuiteApp meets the guidelines of each principle.

“We are pleased to have obtained the “Built for NetSuite” Certification for SerraFund. We believe that this is an important benchmark for the product and is further confirmation that SerraFund and NetSuite represent a strong option for nonprofits seeking accounting and donor solutions,” said Bob Schilling, Vice President of Sales at Capital Business Solutions.

Learn more about SerraFund for NetSuite and then request a demo!