New year, new goals! And with new goals comes the opportunity to get your board of directors even more engaged with your organization’s upcoming strategy.

engage your board in the new year

Here are a few ways you can get your board of directors engaged in your goals and initiatives in the new year:

1. Share Your Goals

In order for your board of directors to be motivated and engaged with your upcoming initiatives, you need to share your goals with them!

  • Include your 2018 goals in your 2017 year-end report
  • Give them a calendar of major launches, milestones, etc. that you have planned so they can be on the lookout

Sharing your goals also leads to the next tip – communicating.

2. Communicate Throughout the Year

Don’t let the only time you talk to your board be at the beginning of the year. Communicate with them all year long! Let them know what your team is working on and how volunteers are focused on strategy and mission. Seeing and hearing about the progress with motivate them and keep them engaged.

Communication is also a two-way street. So respond to their requests in a timely manner, answer all their questions, and help them understand the success you’re seeing.

3. Boost Morale

And it’s not just the board you be thinking about this for. Consider the entire organization!

If your volunteers, staff, and board is happy and engaged, think about all the good you’ll be able to do. Everyone will be 10 times more likely to work harder and surpass your goals if they’re in good spirits.

Ways to boost morale include:

  • Host a company luncheon or barbeque and invite everyone. This gives your board the opportunity to mingle with your volunteers, staff, and vice versa.
  • Hold a company off-site with games and lunch. This also gives everyone time to mingle, but also allows for some team building activities.

4. Show Your Board Why They’re Important

While your volunteers and staff are vital to the success of your day-to-day goals, your board of directors sets the strategy and vision for the long term. And that takes work!

Let your board know just important those long-term decisions are by showing how them how successful the nonprofit is. By showing them the successes, they’re able to see just how big an impact they’re having. And more willing to continue making those same great decisions over the next few years.

Your board of directors is important! Get them engaged and motivated in 2018 – and propel your nonprofit to new heights this year!