Revamp-Your-Nonprofit-SoftwareThe New Year is a time when people start fresh – beginning new routines, healthier lifestyles, or even choosing to do more good deeds. The same fresh start goes for your nonprofit accounting software.

Your organization should start the New Year off strong – ready to grow your mission and help your cause. The best way to get a head start on the New Year is to make sure your accounting software is working for you.

Making Your Nonprofit Accounting Software Work for 2015

Your accounting software helps your organization stay organized. It’s important to revamp your software when needed to make sure you’re keeping up with technology and your organization’s needs.

New Routines
Nonprofits should start the New Year with new routines. One of the best routines to start practicing is unplanned or ‘surprise’ audits. These unplanned audits can help organizations catch fraudulent activities, preventing serious ramifications in the future.

Healthier Lifestyles
Is your accounting solution outdated? Is it hard to use, making entering information and reporting difficult? If so, it could be time to update your software. Updating your software will make your grant management, data entry and reporting healthier and easier.

Not only should you use a solution that is right for your goals and mission, but you should also know how to use it. Think about hiring an expert to help you implement your new software custom to your needs – this will save you time and money in the future.

More Good Deeds
Your organization should focus on its mission and goals, and if your accounting software is taking too much of your time than your cause can suffer. Look into various software solutions, like cloud-based software or mobile MIP, as these solutions will allow you to spend more time doing what you love.

Does Your Nonprofit Accounting Software Need to be Updated?

Capital Business Solutions provides implementation, training and ongoing support to organizations using nonprofit accounting software. We offer a variety of solutions to meet the needs of growing nonprofits, including Abila MIP, DrillPoint Reports, SerraFund for NetSuite, and training for Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge. To learn more please email, call 919-821-1244 or contact us online.