Online fundraising is must for all nonprofit organizations. And if you’re having trouble getting people to donate online, then you need to figure out why immediately and fix the issue.

Take a look at some of the most common reasons why your online fundraising might be struggling and take advantage of the tips to fix them.

It’s too hard for people to donate online

Your online donation process should be relatively easy, which means minimal steps from beginning to end.

Think of when you buy something online. If the process takes too long then you might get frustrated and leave. The same can happen on your nonprofit’s website.

How to fix:

Go through the actual online donation process yourself and take notes on how long it takes you to get through, the information you’re being asked, and how user-friendly the entire transaction was.

This puts you in the mindset of a donor, and can point out flaws in your online process that are preventing donors from completing their donation.

This step should ideally be done before you launch your latest campaign, however it doesn’t hurt to test even after you’re live.

Potential donors don’t understand your cause

Because you work on your cause all day every day, you know what your mission stands for and who you’re helping. This can cause you to write marketing copy that only you and your organization understands.

And not show prospective donors why they should be giving your their support.

How to fix:

When writing copy, think about who your audience is. Will they understand your jargon or shorthand? Will they be able to connect the dots and donate to your cause? If not, then you’ll need to re-write so they can understand.

Tips for writing good copy:

Write things as if your grandparents are reading them
Don’t use jargon
Keep it simple – don’t over complicate
Use 1-2 sentence paragraphs

There’s no call to action

You can write the best copy, sharing how your organization is helping and how someone’s donation is going to give you even more resources. However, without a call to action prospective donors won’t know to donate.

All because you didn’t include a call to action.

How to fix:

Simply, include a call to action. Calls to action can be short and sweet, like ‘Donate Here’ or ‘Donate Now’. They can also be longer like ‘Donate Here to Save the Kids’.

The more specific you are the more likely you’ll get people to follow through.

Online fundraising isn’t easy – and requires some creativity, marketing, and fun. Make sure to integrate your online fundraising with your fundraising software so you can track and report on all your campaigns.