As we leave 2013 behind, it’s time to start thinking about realistic goals for the New Year. For most this means individual resolutions, however, it should also include goals for your nonprofit organization as well. Not sure what kind of goals to set? Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a few to help you start 2014 of with a bang!

Nonprofit Goals to Start 2014 Strong

Nonprofit Tips for a Strong 2014

    1. Get Up-To-Date On The Latest Technology: The great part about this tip is that it applies to many different areas of your nonprofit. First and foremost, it is important to understand the importance of social media in order to get your nonprofit’s name circulating around the Internet. It is easy to use the “I didn’t grow up in the social media era” excuse; however, it is imperative to use social media these days to let people know what your goals are as a nonprofit and what they can do to help.
      Aside from social media, it is important for one to understand the changing trends of technology and how it relates to how people connect. The further out of touch that a nonprofit is with technology, the further out of touch you are with the customers. It is a good idea to sit down and research what other nonprofits are doing to gain traction with the newest technology, whether its with mobile fundraising or through apps. Not only will this get your nonprofit up to speed with the technologically savvy companies, but it will help you think of ideas on how to get the word out in a creative manner.
    2. Refine Your Reporting: It is essential to make sure that all of your data, if it isn’t already, is organized and your financial goals are highlighted. For the best reporting tools, consider using in-depth analysis software such as Abila MIP Fund Accounting. The purpose of Abila MIP is to aid your nonprofit in planning and managing budgets, maximizing grants, managing Human Resources, and producing accurate customized reports in minutes. Not only will Abila MIP help your financial and accounting processes, it is also an award-winning financial management solution preferred by nonprofits and government agencies to create financial reports.
    3. Create a Lasting Editorial Calendar: One of the first activities that your nonprofit should do for 2014 should be to create an editorial calendar, ideally for the whole year. Planning ahead and understanding the flow of events will help your organization immensely throughout the year. Even if your nonprofit has a tentative editorial calendar with very few scheduled dates, it can help you brainstorm ideas for the whole year.
    4. Research, Research, Research! There are many ways that researching can benefit your nonprofit. Not only can you subscribe to industry blogs to keep up with the latest information and news, researching in general can help lead to new, innovative ideas on how to get people to donate. Finding ways to appeal to donors in a unique way can differentiate your nonprofit in a memorable way. At times, general researching can seem monotonous, but the idea is to constantly keep things interesting for the consumer.

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