Your organization is unique. Your procedures, processes, and reporting needs are exclusive to your goals, which allow you to support your mission.

Because of this, your MIP software should be customized to your exact needs.

Custom Abila MIP Training for Nonprofits

Benefits of Custom MIP Training for Nonprofits

One-on-One Guidance and Consulting

A custom MIP training session is the perfect opportunity to ask questions about your accounting solution. Your consultant can provide feedback and answers that are directly related to your set up and software structure.

Customize to your Exact Nonprofit Needs

Tailoring your accounting solution to your nonprofit structure can be the difference between success and frustration. During a custom training session, your consultant will be able to help you identify how your software should be set up for maximum efficiency.

Learn Tricks and Tips to Make Navigating Your Software Easier

While MIP software is relatively easy to learn, it can be overwhelming for first-time users. During your custom MIP training session, you can learn tricks and tips to make the software easier to navigate. You can also pass these tips on to your team, helping everyone become MIP experts.

Even for more experienced MIP users, simple tricks to make entering journal entries faster or reports easier to process can be beneficial.

Want to Talk to an MIP Training Consultant?

At Capital Business Solutions, we understand how important it is for your MIP software to complement your organizational needs. Our consultants are MIP experts, and are able to setup, upgrade and customize your software to maximize ease-of-use and overall efficiency.

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Want ongoing training for your MIP software? Check out our ExtendedCare Plan for MIP – an annual plan that provides ongoing support and benefits.