Today Capital Business Solutions announced the release of DrillPoint Reports, a reporting tool designed to extend the capabilities of the Sage MIP nonprofit accounting system. “DrillPoint Reports was designed specifically to enhance those areas of the MIP reporting functions that we felt could add substantial value for the MIP user community” said Robbie Pollock, Vice President of Technology at Capital Business Solutions. “For those MIP users who continue to rely heavily on Excel spreadsheets to produce easily consumable, presentation quality, financial and management reports, the DrillPoint Reports product will represent huge time savings by directly integrating MIP data to their spreadsheet formats.”

DrillPoint Reports was developed over a two year period based on feedback from Capital Business Solutions clients who used MIP and the Capital Business Solutions consulting team. Key principles adhered to during the development of DrillPoint Reports were to provide a tool that was designed to work specifically for the MIP application rather than a more generic reporting system that could work with many applications. Furthermore the tool should require minimal expertise on the part of clients’ staff to build powerful and pertinent reports. “We believe that DrillPoint has ultimately exceeded our original design principles” stated Peter Saul, Vice President of Professional Services.

Beyond simply integrating MIP data to Excel, DrillPoint has added capabilities that allow usersto access more data fields and provide the outcomes measurement metricsthat many stakeholders are requiring in today’s environment of organizational transparency. Additional reporting parameters, contained in DrillPoint, provide users with robust filtering and formatting options that are not available within the base MIP reporting systems. Reports built using DrillPoint may be distributed to board members, stakeholders and management in a spreadsheet file that is both easily consumable and empowers them by allowing for drill down within the spreadsheet to the underlying detail within the MIP database.

Capital Business Solutions has been providing focused technology and consulting solutions to the nonprofit community for more than 11 years now. They are a Sage MIP authorized partner representing Sage MIP fund accounting and Sage FR fundraising solutions for nonprofits.