fund accounting software potential

Choosing to invest in fund accounting software is a huge decision for nonprofit organizations, especially when limited budgets often don’t include software purchases. So for this reason it’s imperative that nonprofit organizations get the most out of their software.

To do this, it’s key for organizations to understand how their nonprofit accounting software works, how their organization processes financial information, and that they are actually using the software.

How Nonprofit Fund Accounting Software Works

Nonprofit accounting software allows nonprofit organizations to strengthen, streamline and simplify their planning, managing and reporting. When used correctly and consistently, organizations should be able to budget, forecast and plan for grants, programs and departments. They should also be able to analyze “what if” situations to make smarter decisions.

Not only can fund accounting software help manage budgeting and reporting, but it can also help simplify human resource management. This gives employees an online portal with access to timesheets and other internal data, which helps Human Resources track, manage and create reports.

How Organizations Process Information

How nonprofit organizations use their fund accounting software dictates how accurate and successful their reporting, budgeting and overall software data is. It’s imperative that organizations have consistent processes for entering information to keep their software running smoothly and efficiently.

Nonprofit organizations can manage their software processes better by:

  • Defining clear, measurable objectives and goals.
  • Determining the best ways to input and maintain data.
  • Auditing their data.
  • Promoting consistency and accuracy.

How Organizations Use Nonprofit Software

Just because nonprofit organizations have fund accounting software doesn’t mean they are using it to the best of their abilities. Hiring a professional fund accounting Software Company can help nonprofits understand all their software can do, giving them access to more data that will help them make the best decisions for the organization.

It’s ideal to create best practices on how to use the software to ensure that everyone understands the proper ways to input data and create reports. It’s also recommended to have refresher courses to keep everyone current on software updates and changes or enhancements to the system.

If your nonprofit software solution isn’t helping you stay organized and giving you the information you need, then it may be time to change software providers. Abila MIP (Formerly Sage MIP) is the preferred nonprofit financial management software solution for organizations throughout the United States. Learn more about Abila MIP (formerly Sage MIP) by contacting Bob Schilling at 877-889-0629 or email You can also request information by filling out our online contact form.