Text-to-Give fundraising is a modern method for nonprofit organizations to collect donations. It’s convenient for donors, easy to understand (for both you and your donors), and a way to make giving more accessible for everyone.

Below we’ll explore how text-to-give fundraising works, why you might want to add it to your fundraising strategy, and where you can learn more.

text-to-give fundraising

What is Text-to-Give Fundraising

According to AvidXchange, text-to-give fundraising is “a type of mobile giving where a donor uses their phone’s texting app to submit donations to a nonprofit.”

avidexchange text to give

Source: Avidxchange

Being able to text by phone means donors can give whenever and wherever they feel like it.

How Does It Work?

While there are a few different software options for text-to-give fundraising, they all work about the same.

After you select your software and set everything up, you’ll be given a phone number that you can share with prospects and donors. When a donor is ready to give, they’ll simply text your phone number with their donation amount.

They’ll then receive a confirmation text, with a link to a pre-written email where they’ll just have to hit Send.

If they’ve never donated before, they’ll be asked to enter their payment information. Usually, payment information is saved for future use so they’ll only have to enter this once.

Should You Consider Adding to Your Fundraising Strategy

Text-to-Give fundraising is a great way to drive donations to your organization. However, the effort (both setup and maintenance), along with price, integration with your fund accounting software, and team bandwidth should be considered before getting started.

The decision to add Text-to-Give fundraising can only be made by you. However doing your research and understanding how everything works will give you more insight into whether it’s a good investment for your organization.