Online fundraising increased 13.5% during 2013 in the United States, showing that more people are using the internet and/or their mobile devices to donate to nonprofit organizations.

As more and more donors continue to use their mobile and tablet devices, it’s imperative that nonprofit organizations use mobile tactics to appeal to those users. According to Blackbaud, 62% of Generation Y donors would donate by mobile phone if it was an option.

Mobile fundraising will only continue to rise, as smartphone and tablet technology continues to advance. To keep pace, nonprofit organizations need to ensure they have the necessary nonprofit accounting software to quickly and efficiently manage their donations… especially when they’re out trying to get donations and won’t have access to their computer.

This is where MIP Mobile comes in.

MIP Mobile Boosts Nonprofit Fundraising

So, how can MIP Mobile help your nonprofit organization capture these donations?

  • MIP Mobile is accessible anytime, anywhere – Now you can easily and quickly check your account balances and reports from your smartphone and tablet, allowing you to be out in the action. Having access to your data will help you make strategic decisions when you can’t be in the office.
  • MIP Mobile is easy to navigate – With an easy to use interface, MIP Mobile helps you quickly navigate the application to find reports, data, and other key information when you’re away from your desk. You can also manage users, answer inbox requests, export and email reports and more.
  • MIP Mobile is secure – You don’t have to worry about your mobile security settings as your MIP Fund Accounting security settings transfer over to MIP Mobile. Feel safe knowing that your data and information is constantly protected, no matter where you are.

Learn More About MIP Fund Accounting Software

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