The Charitable Giving Report is an annual publication on the state of giving in the nonprofit world. Produced by Blackbaud, this year-in-review report provides excellent benchmarks to help organizations see how they’re doing compared to other nonprofits.

Blackbaud has created this report for the last five years, with the intent to “help inform fundraising strategies across the nonprofit sector for years to come.”

Key Highlights from the Charitable Giving Report

The 2016 Charitable Giving Report includes overall giving data from over 6,800 organizations. Some of the key highlights include:

  • Charitable giving in the United States increased 1.0% over the previous year
  • Online giving grew by 7.9%
  • 17% of online transactions were completed on a mobile device – 21% increase over 2015
  • Arts & Culture and Higher Education sectors grew the most

2016 Online Giving Trends

Online Giving by Organization Size

Overall, online giving grew by 7.9%. And according to the Charitable Giving Report, this is the fifth consecutive year where online giving has continued to grow year over year.

Breaking it down:

  • Large organizations (>$10M) grew 6.3%
  • Medium organizations ($1M – $10M) grew by 11.4%
  • Small organizations (<$1M) grew by 8.1%

Online Giving by Sector

Arts & Culture and K-12 Education online giving grew the most in 2016, while International Affairs and Medical Research actually decreased.

  • Arts & Culture grew by 15.4%
  • Higher Education grew by 12.3%
  • International Affairs decreased by 0.8%
  • Medical Research decreased by 3.8%

Giving Trends by Sector

Online Giving Trends by Month

December still remains to be the best month for online giving, with almost all sectors seeing double digit percent increases.

The second best month for online giving is June, especially for Higher Education and K-12 Education sectors.

Giving Trends by Month

Read additional online giving trends by downloading Blackbaud’s Charitable Giving Report.

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