Functionality modules allow you to enhance and expand your fund accounting software. Think of it like adding apps to your smartphone. By downloading and installing a new app, you’re able to do more with your phone – play games, connect with friends and family, track workouts, stream music, etc.

While installing a functionality module on your MIP software won’t allow you to share photos of your cat, it will improve your financial efficiency and productivity when it comes to accounts receivable, grant management, and payroll.

Check out our must-have list of MIP functionality modules below:


5 Need-to-Have MIP Modules

The Budget module allows you to keep your nonprofit on track by creating an unlimited number of budgets to serve your various departments and campaigns. You can also forecast and create “what-if” scenarios to predict your financial future.

With the Payroll module you can pay your employees and maintain up-to-date accounting entries and employee records.

Bonus: When combined with the Direct Deposit module, your employees can have their paychecks electronically deposited into their checking or savings account.

Employee Web Services
The Employee Web Services module gives your employees and managers 24/7 online access to timesheets, important messages, and payroll information.

Advanced Security
Implementing the Advanced Security module can help prevent fraud and keep your information safe. If you have multiple people accessing your software, you can limit the information accessible to keep salaries, budgets, and more secure.

Create custom reports and financial statements with the DrillPoint Reports module. Using advanced Excel features, you can drill down further into your data – producing complex, yet high quality reports your stakeholders will want to read.

Full List of MIP Modules

Want more modules to really enhance your MIP accounting solution? Here’s the full list of available MIP modules.

Core Functionality: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Reporting, Data Import/Export, Bank Reconciliation, Budget, Forms Designer

Payroll and Employee Management: Payroll, Direct Deposit, Human Resources, Employee Web Services, Benefit Enrollment Purchasing, Electronic Requisitions, Encumbrances, Fixed Assets, Purchase Order

Additional Modules: Advanced Security, Allocations Management, Data Consolidation, DrillPoint, Electronic Funds Transfer, Executive View License, GASB Reporting, Multicurrency, Scheduler, Accounts Receivable Reporting with Billing and Sales Order Entry

Read more about the various MIP modules.

Upgrade Your MIP Software with Functionality Modules

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