DrillPoint Financial Statements

If your nonprofit organization struggles with financial reporting, whether it’s being able to create statements that include projections to designing the professional, detailed statements your board of directors need, DrillPoint Reports may be right for you. Let’s look at how you can use this reporting software to elevate your financial statements and make reporting as simple as possible.

What Is DrillPoint Reports?

DrillPoint Reports is a web-based (cloud-based) software program that the team here at Capital Business Solutions developed to improve financial reporting for nonprofit organizations. Designed to integrate with Abila MIP Fund Accounting software, users are able to customize their financial reports to provide their board of directors and people throughout the organization an in-depth look at finances, growth, loss, and overall trends.

How It Works

The software integrates into both Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software in real time to populate the data you need while also integrating into Microsoft Excel to help you create the reports or you can use a pre-formatted template, depending on your preference.

What Can You Do with DrillPoint Reports?

DrillPoint Reports makes it possible to not only access and report your data, it allows you to manipulate it and analyze it more easily, without having to bounce between your accounting software and your spreadsheets. This allows you to do the following:

Drill Down Data

DrillPoint Reports makes it possible to get the exact information you need related to specific transactions and source documents right from Microsoft Excel. By not having to go back to Abila Fund Accounting for more information you can save time while getting the details you need.

Projection Reporting

With the user-defined fields in the report, you can create statistical measurements or what-if scenarios that allow you to show your board members financial projections in the coming months and years. These can help you better plan for the future by knowing how certain factors can affect your revenue.

Grouping Account Segments

When you need to keep your data organized and want to keep your reports neat for presentations, DrillPoint Reports makes it possible to group your account segments into linear style account reports.

Customize Your Reports

By integrating with Excel, you can apply those advanced features to your reports. Enhance a presentation with graphs and charts to not only add visual flair, but to also make your data easier to read at a glance. You can also add your logo, borders, and both functional and aesthetic features to your reports.

Improve Clarity

One of the biggest issues with financial reports is that the people outside of the accounting department struggle to understand the information you’re sharing. By leveraging the customization features offered with DrillPoints and laying out data in a way that is easy for even those outside of the financial department to understand, you’re able to empower your staff with valuable information that gives them more insight into your organization.

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