Member loyalty is important for all nonprofit organizations. Why?

Because it’s harder and more costly to attract, engage, and convert new donors into loyal donors. Being proactive about member retention will help you give members a fun, engaging experience that keeps them donating 🙂

The Member Loyalty Study surveyed more than 1,000 association members in the United States across all age segments.

Key takeaways from the Member Loyalty study:

  • Email is the most valued type of content because:
    • It’s easiest to consume
    • Most powerful for storytelling
    • Most likely to keep members engaged
  • 31% say they prefer communications once a month
  • 34% of members lapse because donating gets too costly
  • 47% say content is not personalized to them even though they gave personal details

Take a look at Abila’s infographic below to see additional takeaways and statistics from the study.

Member Loyalty Study Infographic

Want to read the Member Loyalty Study? Visit to download and read the full report.