Choosing NPO software is no easy task. There’s so many different programs out there! And it can be challenging to find a solution that works for you – especially if you’re not sure what you need.

Earlier this month, we shared a post on the best ways to pick your nonprofit’s accounting software. In it, we briefly talked about software review sites and how they be beneficial when choosing NPO software.

nonprofit software review sites

Below we’ll list the top software review sites and their advantages.

1. Capterra

Capterra is a popular software review site – and not just for choosing NPO software. This site is used by professionals of all industries, from accounting to legal to knowledge management. Why do people like Capterra?

List of Features

You can easily view the most important features of the software – and also see some that aren’t included.


Capterra Software Review

Probably the most important section, Capterra’s review section gives details about the reviewer, ratings on various categories (ease of use, customer support, etc.), pros and cons, and likelihood to recommend.

These reviews are extremely helpful as you choose between different software solutions.

Product Details

You can also see pertinent product details, like cloud or on-premise setup for example. This section is easily to scan, helping you make sure the product fits your needs.

G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is similar to Capterra – however focuses more on user reviews.


Abila MIP Reviews software

The reviews section is pretty in-depth, with reviewers answering questions and giving feedback on their experience. The reviews are also validated, which helps you trust the information you get from their site.

Profile Page

G2 Crowd software

The profile page has a wealth of information on the product. The page can include a product bio, screenshots, links to learn more, product details, and more. For the product(shown above), you can also see that their product director is listed in this section – showing that the company cares about their product and takes the time to educate potential users.


Pricing is probably one of the most important factors you review when deciding your NPO software. G2 Crowd has a pricing tab to give some insight into how much you might pay to use the software.


TrustRadius is the last review site we’ll look at. This site has a wonderful user experience, making it easy to find and read the information you need.

Filtering Reviews

What’s really cool about their site is the ability to filter reviews based on certain criteria. You can filter by company size, last updated, and particular topics.

This feature can help you sort through the thousands of reviews you may find on your prospective software.

Compare Different Softwares

If you’re looking at multiple solutions, a good way to compare them is to line them all up next to each other. And you can do exactly that on G2 Crowd.

G2 Crowd compare software


G2 Crowd’s Scorecard shows how people have reviewed various features of the software and the experience using ithe features.

G2 Crowd’s Scorecard

You can click on each metric to learn more about what people are saying, too.

Choosing NPO software is an important decision for your organization. Take the time to understand all the features and benefits, how the software works, and how it will impact your nonprofit’s productivity and efficiency.