The Financial Edge is a robust fund accounting platform for nonprofit organizations. It’s designed specifically for organizations like yours, with features that simplify and streamline your accounting processes.

Curious to see how the Financial Edge can help you and your accounting team? Below are some of the key features, with a video to explain them further.

Simplify Grant Management

Grant management is a key component of nonprofit fundraising, so it should be also be a main component of your fund accounting software.

Maximize Time and Money

Your time is precious – so shouldn’t you spend it on the things that matter most? With a robust fund accounting software, you’ll be able to focus on more important priorities, like your team, your volunteers, and analyzing reports.

Fast, Flexible Reporting

Reporting is necessary to show your team and Board of Directors how well your organization is doing.

Spreadsheet Error Free

Duplicates in your accounting system can wreak havoc on your reporting. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could avoid duplicates and errors? With Financial Edge you can.

If you want to learn more about Financial Edge, contact Bob Schilling at (888) 249-6008 Ext 110.