November Abila Business Partner We’re excited to announce that we’ve been selected as the Abila Business Partner of November! This honor is based on our recent sales and marketing activities, and our continued support of Abila.

“CBS has been a long standing Partner for Abila MIP Fund Accounting and it’s previous iterations going back to the original MIP when CBS was founded. It is exciting to see our commitment to Abila being recognized as a valued Partner while we continue providing their best-of-breed software products to our nonprofit clientele.”

— Robbie Pollock, VP Product Development

At Capital Business Solutions, we are committed to providing integrated financial solutions that allow nonprofits and public-sector organizations to focus on their mission, rather than accounting and fundraising processes.

We appreciate this honor from Abila, and are looking forward to helping more nonprofits expand and grow using the Abila software suite.

To learn more about Abila MIP Fund Accounting and other Abila software for nonprofit and public-sector organizations, please contact Bob Schilling at or call 877.889.0629.