Abila recently released their Donor Loyalty Study, a deep dive into donor behaviors and attitudes. The results/findings are key to helping you target and engage donors with your mission.

3 Key Findings from Abila’s Donor Loyalty Study

    • Donors donate to nonprofit organizations for 3 personal reasons:
      • They are passionate about the cause;
      • They know someone affected by the organization’s mission;
      • They believe the nonprofit depends on their donation.
    • 75% of people who volunteer at a nonprofit are more likely to donate;
    • 80% of people donate to multiple organizations per year, and 60% of high wealth donors support at least 4 organizations.

Attracting High Wealth Donors … and Earning Their Loyalty

While the above statistics are great for targeting general donors, your high wealth donors are a little different. The following infographic from Abila outlines many of the behaviors and attitudes that are specific to high wealth donors:

High Wealth Donor Loyalty Infographic

Donor loyalty matters. And when your donor loyalty pool consists of high wealth donors, you’ll definitely notice the significant effect their contributions have on your bottom line.

Learn more donor behaviors and attitudes by downloading the Abila Donor Loyalty Study here: http://www.abila.com/lpgs/donorloyaltystudy/

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