Nonprofit marketing can be a challenge. You may be working with limited resources and little-to-no budget that can make marketing hard.

Your Board of Directors however, can be an easy (and free) way to improve your marketing efforts.

Board Involved Nonprofit Marketing

4 Clever Ways to Get Your Board Involved in Your Marketing

Show them the good AND the bad

When going to your Board for help, give them the full picture of what is going on and how their presence will make a difference. If they only know the good, they might not think that their help is really necessary. But if you tell them why (because donations aren’t coming in, the nonprofit image is negative, etc.), you’re more likely to gain their support and have them pitch in.

Have them volunteer at your events

Volunteers are always needed. Instead of going out and recruiting people, ask your Board to pitch in!

Donors will appreciate meeting your board members – giving them a better look at your organization’s leadership. And your board will be able to mingle with donors, finding out why they care about the mission, what’s important to them, and how they nurture donors into high-rollers and/or nonprofit evangelists.

Get them to sign thank you cards for donors

A personal touch from your board to your donors is a nice way to keep donors engaged with your organization. Ask your board to sign thank you cards after events and contributions, and even to volunteers to donate their time and energy.

Ask them for new ideas!

Your board comes from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. And it’s those experiences that you can ask about to see what else your organization can do to market itself.

Ask them what ideas they have to get new donors, to retain donors, or to get more national exposure. Getting their feedback and advice can help them feel more involved, and more likely to contribute in other areas later.

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