The holidays are the perfect time to show your volunteers just how much you appreciate their time and dedication. Take a look at our list of the top 25 ways you can recognize your volunteers throughout the holiday season.

25 ways to thank volunteers

Ways to Thank Your Volunteers this Holiday Season

  1. Send a letter of recognition and thanks
  2. Give out certificates to commemorate volunteer anniversaries
  3. Host a special volunteers luncheon or dinner
  4. Provide snacks and drinks while your volunteers work
  5. Share photos of volunteers on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  6. Give volunteers VIP parking on days they work
  7. Start a Volunteer Community Awards and let your volunteers nominate and vote
  8. Give your volunteers insight into the bigger picture and how they’re contributing
  9. Feature your volunteers on your website or blog
  10. Put up a volunteers notice board in the office
  11. Recommend volunteers to prospective employers
  12. Send birthday cards to your volunteers
  13. Allow volunteers to get involved and take on more responsibilities
  14. Do something nice for the families of your volunteers
  15. If you work with children, have them make gifts for your volunteers
  16. Feature a volunteer in your email newsletter
  17. Ask volunteers for their opinion and advice on program changes or policy updates
  18. Call volunteers when they’re sick or out for an extended period of time
  19. Allow experienced volunteers to train your new volunteers
  20. Make a donation to a volunteer’s choice
  21. Give out coupons or vouchers to local businesses
  22. Host a car wash and wash your volunteers’ cars
  23. Publicly recognize your volunteers at a meeting
  24. Give them team t-shirts!
  25. Take volunteers out to lunch every week and get to know them!

Your volunteers are critical to the success of your organization. It’s important to help them feel empowered to do their job and do it well. Make sure your paid employees know how valuable your volunteers are and how they should make volunteers feel welcome and part of the team.