Nonprofit Motivation “Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they just have the heart!” – Elizabeth Andrews

Your volunteers are important. They help your community outreach, social media initiatives, training and more all while reducing your costs and helping you achieve your mission. By keeping your volunteers motivated, you’re strengthening your organization and promoting a happy, positive working environment.

Keep these tips in mind to keep your volunteers’ motivation level and moral high:

Respect – Volunteers are helping you because they want to, not because you are paying them. Be understanding if they need a day off and recognize their commitment to your organization when they return.

Provide training – Whether it’s a conference or something more specialized, training your volunteers can make them feel more involved and part of the team. They’ll also be able to help you train new volunteers in the future.

Be organized – It can be difficult to volunteer somewhere when things aren’t organized. Make sure your volunteers know who they can go to with questions or problems. Hold regular meetings so they know what the status of a campaign is, where they are needed, and how it’s affecting the overall mission. Being organized will prevent confusion and problems in the future.

Share accomplishments and milestones – Show your volunteers that you appreciate their time and dedication by sharing their accomplishments and milestones with your organization and donors. Use your social media accounts and newsletters to spread the word. This is a great way to show that you appreciate their hard work and time.

Also be sure to share your organization’s accomplishments and milestones with your volunteers, letting them see just how important their work is to your campaign’s success. If they know that their time and effort is positively impacting your organization’s fundraising then they’re more likely to continue helping.

Reward volunteers – Your volunteers work hard and deserve to be rewarded! Not only should you recognize them on your nonprofit’s social accounts, but find ways at the office to reward them too. Give them more leadership opportunities, additional responsibilities or provide snacks and refreshments.

Other Fun Ways to Show Appreciation
– Pizza parties or ice cream socials
– Bake offs or Chili cook-offs
– Pumpkin carving contests
– Pancake breakfasts
– Random raffles or giveaways

Read Ways to Recognize Your Volunteers Throughout the Year for more tips on showing your volunteers gratitude and appreciation.

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