CheckpointCheckpoint is a cash management service module for Abila MIP Fund Accounting Software™ that produces a control report sent to your bank to list all checks issued, the dollar amount of each check and the payee’s name. You can create a custom file layout for your bank or choose from one of the standard templates. The report file can be sent to your bank electronically for automated uploading to your account. Your bank then compares that report with all checks presented to them for payment. Suspicious checks are referred back to the check issuer for approval.

Annual Subscription

Checkpoint is a subscription based service that renews annually. You pay a small up-front price that includes installation, setup of one bank account layout, unlimited support and all product updates and enhancements. After the first year, you simply pay the recurring annual subscription price for continued use of the service and unlimited support. If you change banks or need to add additional bank account layouts to your service, you pay a small fee for setup of the new bank account layout. Best of all, your annual subscription price does not increase with the addition of new bank account layouts.

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