Whether you’re caring for the elderly, feeding the hungry, enriching your community with creativity and culture, or helping those who cannot speak for themselves, your main focus is to propel your mission forward to better serve those in need.

And while you may face certain obstacles throughout the process, one of those obstacles shouldn’t be about fund accounting and fundraising software.

Abila MIP™ is a fund accounting software solution, purposely built to help community action agencies overcome unique reporting and tracking challenges presented by their various funding streams and programs.


Why Abila MIP™ for Community Action Nonprofits

For over 30 years, Abila MIP™ has been helping animal welfare, environmental, arts and culture, and social need causes focus more on their mission by providing flexible, easy-to-use fund accounting software.

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Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ is an award-winning fund accounting software, and is the preferred financial solution by community action nonprofit professionals.

Features & Benefits of Abila MIP™ for Community Action Nonprofits

  • Abila MIP™ is an integrated financial management software system, organizing your daily fund accounting and financial tasks and making them easier;
  • Create customized budgets and reports on your grants, programs, and departments to meet the needs of your internal and external stakeholders, and demonstrate financial responsibility;
  • Calculate forecasted financial positions and ‘what-if’ scenarios to make smarter decisions;
  • Maintain clear audit trails, no matter how complex the fund appropriation gets, to stay on top of auditor requests and external requirements;
  • Track, manage, and report on various Human Resource needs using a web-based portal to improve and automate specific tasks.

Learn more about Abila MIP Fund Accounting™ software by emailing Bob Schilling at bschilling@capitalbusiness.net, calling (888) 249-6008 Ext 110, or fill out the form below.

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